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Training with Liba helped me not only extend my career and compete in my second Olympic Games but also, I believe, it was the reason I felt stronger, faster, and more on top of the game than at any previous point in my career. Beach Volleyball demands a great deal of dynamic strength under extreme conditions and training with Liba helped me prepare for these situations. What’s more, is I still reap benefits from my training – I am more aware of my body and can take care of it better, without waiting for pain to set in. Having the body awareness and the tools is valuable beyond any success on the volleyball court, it ensures the lifestyle I want to have: active, healthy, and fit.

– Lina Yanchulova
2-time Olympian, Beach Volleyball

I started working with Liba about four years ago. Being an avid tennis player, golfer, and volleyball enthusiast, I had often been sidelined with injuries. Liba’s stretching and core conditioning classes and her menus have kept me basically “injury free” since then. I am amazed at how she has been able to help me play as I age.

– Madeline Javelet
1977 USC Women’s Tennis Team, National Champions

I have suffered from fibromyalgia for many years and struggled with the pain. I got to a point where I could not use my arms to wash my hair or peel a carrot without severe pain. I would frequently drop things in the kitchen from weakness in my hands and arms. I had let the pain of headaches and muscle fatigue stop me from much exercise to the point of not being able to walk more than a few blocks. I was placed in physical therapy at Scripps Hospital and did not see any significant results. I came to Liba’s class as a last hope and today I can run stairs, do push-ups and live a pain free life. The results are so significant that people that know me do not believe I have fibromyalgia or was ever unfit! Thanks Liba for all you do to make me pain free, limber, and in perfect alignment.

– Teri Jensen

I had always been involved in some kind of athletic training during my adult life. By the time I was in my 40’s, I had been relying on a personal trainer for my workouts for 10 years. She closed her business to have children and I was stranded, without a place I felt comfortable to workout. One day I was crossing a street and a car was waiting for me so I tried to put a little spring in my step to move out of the way and I found I couldn’t run. I felt old, weak and uncomfortable! Luckily a friend led me to Liba’s class and now I feel like an adult who can function again! I wake up everyday, look forward to my workout I know will be challenging with an interesting mix of stretching, strengthening, cardio and core building. I have it out of the way early and on with the rest of my day. I have energy, strength, and better postural alignment all because of LIBA! I’m in LibaFit for life!

– Mary Rodriguez

After battling with lower back pain for most of my adult life, including disc surgery, I feel blessed to have found Liba. Liba is by far the most instrumental person to bring relief to my back pain and to transform my dysfunctional body back to health. After searching all my life in many areas, I have found her classes and personal training sessions to be the most effective ways to alleviate and also to prevent the onset of my back and joint pains stemming largely from our sedentary life style. Liba has not only done this for me, but has also taught me to achieve the best physical shape in my entire life, including the time when I was young. Liba’s daily classes contain the right blend of exercises, including the Egoscue Methods, of which I believe Liba is probably one of the best practitioners, and a variety of fun and challenging workout sessions to keep me in shape. Liba also brings genuine enthusiasm and a positive outlook that make her classes highly enjoyable. As a middle-aged scientist who spends 90% of his work time in a sitting position, my body would truly deteriorate rapidly without Liba’s classes.

– Charles D. Surh, PhD Professor The Scripps Research Institute